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Digital Assets

Monitoring professional money launders as they utlise cryptocurrencies, Web3 and DeFi.

Tracing assets & New regulationInnovative Crime

While cash is still king, digital assets offer new opportunities for money launderers with unprecedented speed, global reach, and unlike popular belief, not all digital assets are traceable on the blockchain! Reports from blockchain analytic companies mainly focus on the wallets involved directly in crime and a lot less on the complex money laundering process that follows.

New forms of digital assets emerge all the time from NFTs to tokenised minerals, gold-backed digital coins, ETFs, and many more to come. With the emergence of new digital assets, investigators are continuously trying to catch up to the newly emerging tactics of money launderers.

Global Ground founder Anrike Visser, is conducting an External PhD project on money laundering tactics using digital assets at Maastricht University. The project is part of the PRICELESS consortium which spans academia, law enforcement, regulators and policymakers in the Netherlands.

The different case studies will focus on (to be confirmed):

  • NFTs
  • Tokenised real-world assets
  • Stablecoins
  • ETFs
Maastricht University
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