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International Media

Conducting investigations through data analysis, fieldwork and interviews with sources.

Global Ground has extensive experience in conducting complex financial investigations. We use open source information, conduct fieldwork and interview sources for our investigations and use the highest level of journalistic standards.

Nothing beats on the ground investigation.

We are honoured to have received funding and support from donors, worked with impressive collaborators, and publish in well-known international media including Deutsche Welle, The Conversation, Netherlands broadcaster NOS, Delayed Gratification magazine and The Diplomat.

Over the years we have published investigations on:

  • Missing funding from an international financial institution
  • Tax avoidance by a Big Tech company in Southeast Asia
  • Concerning accounting practices of microfinance companies
  • Misuse of COVID-19 funding collected by a military-linked company

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The Diplomat, Deutsche Welle, NOS, The Conversation, Delayed Gratification magazine
Southeast Asia
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