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International Monetary Fund, World Bank

Global Ground assesses AML/CFT policies of international institutions, conducts investigations and provides policy briefings.

The International Monetary Fund plays an important role in assessing and comparing the international standards of countries which receive funding. The IMF’s Article IV reports detail flaws in the Anti-Money Laundering framework of debtor countries and provides technical assistance aiming to close the gaps in the long run.

Global Ground reviewed the Fund’s AML/CFT Strategy, processes and transparency as part of the 2023 consultation. We also provided information about wrongdoing based on an investigation in Myanmar and shared a briefing on cryptocurrency misuse in the Central African Republic.

Civil society has an important role to play when it comes to ensuring that wrongdoing is being heard in far away headquarters.

Representing a client, we established and led engagement with the IMF and World Bank in line with the client’s goals. The client was invited to join the newly established Anticorruption for Development Global Partnership by the World Bank.

International Monetary Fund, World Bank
Policy Advice, Investigations
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