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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Providing input on foreign policy, AML/CFT regulation, and transparency measures of development projects. 

It took considerable planning, but in 2022 we managed to get 11 embassies from a European country scattered across Africa together in one (virtual) room. The reason for this extraordinary event was a desire to work together to combat money laundering and illicit finance draining the continent. 

The United Nations has estimated that every year, Africa loses $88 billion on illicit financial flows.

With a development gap of $200 billion, this is a considerable amount. The UN included combatting illicit financial flows in its Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 16.4). 

So, the embassies came together for a briefing and brainstormed for an action plan to combat the problem. Representing a client, Global Ground proceeded to write a policy briefing and conducted the presentation. 

Contact us for input on foreign policy, AML/CFT regulation and transparency measures of development projects. 


Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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