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Open Philanthropy

Development impact and stakeholder mapping to assist your decision-making.

In late 2023, Global Ground was hired by Open Philanthropy to conduct comprehensive research on the existing interventions aimed at curbing Illicit Financial Flows. The report covers a wide range of actions including asset recovery, Financial Action Task Force standards, trade-based money laundering, beneficial ownership registries, global tax information sharing, procurement and offshore leaks.

The size, prevalence and importance of the topic led Open Philanthropy to identify it as a potential area for funding at some point in the future.

Europol estimates that only about 1.1% of illicit proceeds are confiscated in the EU.

The research conducted by Global Ground provides an overview of existing interventions, their Theory of Change models, failures and best practices to assist Open Philanthropy in designing a possible new developmental strategy.

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Open Philanthropy
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