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The Sentry

We work with The Sentry to stop the funding of conflict and human rights abuses.

The Sentry investigates and stops the funding of conflict and human rights abuses. The focus is on Azerbaijan, Libya, Myanmar, Sudan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

Global Ground was hired in 2022 to expand the policy department to the European Union and International Financial Institutions the IMF and World Bank. We built The Sentry’s brand in the EU from the ground up via private briefings, op-eds in selected publications, speaking at events and submitting written evidence, consultations and policy briefs.

By combining high-level expertise with an effective communication strategy, we were able to become a trusted partner in a short time.

This led us to effectively advocate for improvements in the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy:

  1. Advocated for adding the UAE to the EU’s grey list.
  2. Reviewed Anti-Money Laundering and conflict minerals regulation.
  3. Submitted sanction dossiers to DG FISMA and cases of sanction circumvention to the Working Party of Foreign Relations Counsellors (RELEX).

Global Ground works with governments to increase the effectiveness of foreign policy goals through financial restrictive measures and inducements. Contact us for more information at

The Sentry
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